Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrity Love Psychic Jill Dahne Predicted these two Beautiful; Souls Metting & getting Married

The Wedding Date December 29 2013 Mazel Tov Melissa & Jordan

Every person reacts to each situation differently You may not forget it's hard But you move forward from what had happened before & start to Enjoy every moment from this point forward This coming year is about Clearing and Cleansing the past & moving onto to the Beautiful new "

Jill Dahne's Words of Advice " I recommend good sheets and lots of pillows also a little Red in the room when starting a new relationship or going into a marriage Then they will never want to leave "

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrity Love Psychic Predicted These Two Beautiful Souls to Meet & Now to Marry on Dec 14 2013


Just got off the phone with a past client from 11 years ago The words that came out of her was a change for me " I want to know if my ex husband is going to find true love and be happy I want to make sure he is going to have a good life just like you predicted mine where my life is so wonderful now " Is that Beautiful I always hear I hope he is miserable But then again every situation is different xoxoxo Just Because I Love You xoxoxo Jill Dahne xox

Afternoon Affrimation " I will start being more Confident in myself So I will succeed in all Relationships that Surround me " xoxo @JillDahne  xoxo Just Because I Love You xoxoo

Jill Dahne's Afternoon Affirmation "As the Universe places this white Halo all around me from head to my toes I feel so Protected 222 xo @JillDahne"Just Because I Love You xoxo

Some Astro signs are unhealthy for one Try to stay away It's like a Vegan eating Red Meat xoxo

Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Walk with me on my journey....

It is time to take a journey - a journey into the world of happiness just when you believe that our country and world is crumbling, it truly isn't.  Love can hold us together.

The key is you have to love yourself first!!!

Many of my clients come to me broken - and what they don't understand is until they have healed themselves they will not find someone to love or that can love them back.

For those that have envy  - for that have evil and greed - for those that continue to want to live on in others shadows, you will never find that happiness.

Be yourself - and happiness will flow in.... the amazement will shock you - when you least expect it.....

Just because I love you.... and myself...  - Jill Dahne....